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Replacement and repair of windscreens for cars, tires, buses, minibuses.

Replacing crystals for all vehicles.


An impact of a stone on the windshield does not necessarily force its replacement.

The size and position of the damage depends on whether or not it is repaired, but if the crack exceeds 2 cm in diameter or obstructs the driver’s view, the car can be rejected at the periodic review and is required in this Replace the windscreen.


Repairing without waiting is best done to repair, or to replace, as quickly as possible after the impact of a stone, regardless of its size.


A simple road vibrations can turn the small sprocket into the star or completely crank the windshield.


Even if the vehicle is in the garage, the impact can be extended. Plus, the longer the repair is delayed, the more affected the impact gets dirty, what will make it the most obvious track once the windshield is repaired.
Only a light sign is perceptible, which prohibits repairing an impact placed in the driver’s direct visual field.