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Multimedia products for vehicles


EVS Tour

Is a new service for the Italian tourism industry. The project started this year with South Sardinia as a pilot project. Many tourists were able to take advantage of their innovative arrival service when they arrived at the airport continue

EVS Manager

Is the management software developed to manage all aspects of your business: human resources management, media management, business management with relevant billing, operational control of various departments, management of continue

EVS Tracker

EVS Tracker

Is present on the market for the transformation and internal refurbishment of buses, trains and aircraft. Since 1999, it has a solid reputation in terms of quality and reliability. A competent, highly specialized and cutting-edge STAFF that combines research, continue

EVS Ticket

Is the online ticketing system developed by EVS Mediasolution. The project has been developed mainly for bus and rail connections, but can also be easily adapted for other needs. EVS Ticket consists of continue

EVS Scuolabus

Has been working with its research and development team for years of technology and innovation. In the world of school, she works with a project for the management and safety of school age children who benefit from continue


EVS Launcher

Is a product designed for those who need to offer their own employees or their equipment customers, but having control over what actions they can do. With Col Launcher you can decide which applications can be those who use a device based on its level continue...