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Alongside the distribution of new products, EVS srl offers a multi-brand, effective and comprehensive effective and capillary. The purchasing department is able to find spare parts troghtout Italy and Europe with the possibility of receiving it within 48 hours.

The after sales service is the use of original parts, to keep machine efficiency and therefore value. As for the lining of the armchairs, side panels, hoods, skirts, curtains, and headrest covers, the materials to be used are available in a wide range of customer choice, both in terms of fabric type and in terms of Of color and drawings that make up the same.


Thanks to our well equipped mobile workshops, EVS srl brings its services throughout Italy. Customer’s timely intervention times are fast to minimize the disruption from machine stoppages. However, if the size of the repair does not allow on-site processing, this will be done at our various locations.

A mechanic workshop provided with the best equipment allows the revision of any brand of bus, minibus and boat (with regard to the interior), replacement and repair of car glasses by means of interventions carried out by qualified personnel. Our clientele is confident that we can entrust our vehicle to an organized and efficient mechanic workshop that can solve any type of problem on cars, buses, minibuses, tugboats and boats.