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Getting to know “EVS TRACKER” a Multimedia Product

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EVS Tracker is a system developed by EVS srl for the management of company fleets, but also suitable for private use. The Product allows you to manage your means, all aspects of fleets, and can be installed on board in the form of a blackbox. If required, it can also be installed with the help of a touchscreen available to the driver.

Thanks to EVS Tracker all the management of your fleet will become simple and, thanks to the full
Resource control, useful to improve efficiency and reduce costs. These Functions are available and they are:


In the display version there will be a satellite navigator connected to a series of services displayed on the map in real-time, accessible and accessible with just a few clicks. You can view a selected path or view the preset line from your own motion office.

In the version with display system there will be a vehicle safety system a
Driver arrangement. With simple touches it is able to alert the control center of any on-board emergencies concerning the vehicle or people with real-time GPS signaling.

APP Workshop
In the display version it is possible to report the vehicle anomalies directly from the display with a few touches. The application on Display will guide the user in choosing the fault to report and will report in real time the abnormality and position of the vehicle in real time.

Web Workshop
This is a web-based web service for which the workshop, in case of anomalies, is able to make a first Diagnosis, assign maintenance to a responsible maintainer, schedule the intervention date and minimize the hold machine.

Web Monitor
WEB management can handle and monitor real-time map all the media. With this application you can handle all aspects of the fleet, all the records of the drivers, the means and the routes; You can also manage your daily assignments Programmed drivers, vehicles and trains. The application can monitor all data from the media by giving full control of km, Consumption, wear, efficiency of staff.