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EVS SRLGeneral conditions of sale


The EVS SRL is on the market of the transformation and rebuilding of bus interiors, sun protection film applications, replacement and repair of windshields and sale of spare parts. Since 1999 it has already gained a strong reputation for quality and reliability at public companies like ARST (Regional Sardinian transport Company) FDS, (Sardinian Railways) FMS (Sardinian Southern Railways) Sita SPA, Sira SRL in Rome, Ferrovie del Gargano Foggia SRL, Tirrenia SPA, AIR SPA Avellino, Naples Circumvesuviana, CTP SRL Naples, Di Maio Calitri SRL, Vajolet SRL of Milan, Sita South transport SRL, FS Bus Italy, Sita Nord SRL, and many others.

With an articulated offer of models and a wide range of possibilities of interior transformation, EVS SRL the best interpretation of any requirement in the bus sector, small buses and boats and can actually help improve the productivity of its customers.


In addition to the distribution of new products (Car, Bus Minibus, Tir, Boats and Parts) EVS SRL supports a multi-brand service, effective and widespread . A team of specialists with fully equipped vans ensure the coverage of a large area that includes Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Campania, Marche, Abruzzo, Sardinia. Most of the repair is completed at the customer site, with rapid response times to minimize the inconvenience arising from the machine stop. However, where the amount of the repair does not consent to the resolution on the spot, it will be performed at our various locations.


Mechanical workshop equipped with the best equipment, allowing the revision of any brand of bus, minibus, and boats (with regard to the interior), the replacement and repair of crystals of vehicles through interventions carried out by qualified personnel. Our customer is sure to be able to trust their vehicles to a mechanical workshop and an efficient organization to be able to solve any kind of problem on cars, buses, minibuses, trucks and boats.


In addition to product quality, the strength of the EVS SRL is the search of the parts: the company is always able to source in Italy and in Europe at its providers, with the opportunity to receive it within 48 hours. The final security of after-sales service quality is the use of original parts, which maintain the efficiency of the machines and thus their value. A well-stocked spare parts warehouse provides the best quality certification, for the discussion of the peace of mind, EVS SRL has a constant availability of spare parts for cars, buses, minibuses, trucks and boats.

The customer at the center of our attention

Assistance, our philosophy

To propose and consolidate a fully customer-oriented business philosophy is for EVS essential basis of its business model.

The figure of the customer is the center of attention right from the preliminary stages of analysis, in crucial moments to understand the specific needs and focus on clear objectives to be pursued.

The design provides for the possibility of an active confrontation with the customer, in the belief that the co-engineering processes are the best solution to achieve high tech products that meet fully the needs and specific requirements. Similarly, the design, development and testing include the full participation of the client, active partner of a continuous exchange that brings know-how mutual and that does not end upon delivery of the finished product. Finally the after-sales services help to consolidate a relationship, characterized by high levels of transparency and customer satisfaction, in a perspective of “enrichment” mutual both EVS and the customer.

Complete assistance and timely services

Global Support

EVS has a network of branches and Mobile Workshop.

With this strong capillary action, the company is able to provide local expertise guided by an overall strategic vision: an extensive and solid presence which establishes with the customer a lasting relationship mutual trust.

The EVS is aware that not only the products but the whole organizational and management model must be made available to the customer, one true “barometer” of its own success.

Comprehensive service and punctual customer care services strengthen the responses to customer needs, with high-quality established standards operationally applied in each seat of the EVS.

Through qualified personnel, internally formed, you can find and provided timely and accurate answers to the needs of costumers that measures the satisfaction of its relationship with EVS from order to final delivery and assistance.

The customer is the starting point for everything we do

Pre-sales Consultancy

The EVS is based on the philosophy that the customer is the basis for all strategic choice and business development.

The product customization and support is a feature of the EVS service, evolving towards the full and informed customer satisfaction.

The variety of possible applications is a wide range of products, from upholstery to accessories, to the windshields of vehicles, require a detailed analysis capabilities and fast the problems to be solved.

A commercial network directly is a key partner in the pre-sales to identify and address the choice of the most appropriate solution for the needs expressed: This step is essential, because It clarifies the range of solutions in which to find appropriate responses.

Customer Service

The internationalization of EVS was based on a solid defense of the territories with sales branches and assembly, manufacturing plants, trucks equipped in oggicina furniture.

All these individual situations are coordinated and measured in their efficiency by a monitoring system that highlights any critical issues and fits the general guidelines for customer management to the individual territories that, at times, inevitably they require their attention of those markets.

The EVS in every field of intervention, both industrial and mobile puts the client in a central location capable of interacting actively in all phases of the relationship, extending from the first moment pre-sales through to operation and continuous assistance of the implemented applications.

1) Definitions

1.1) For the purposes of these conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Sale”), the following terms have the meaning hereby assigned to them:

  • “EVS”: EVS SRL;
  • “Customer” refers to any company, institution or legal entity that purchases the EVS products thereof;
  • “Products”: goods produced, assembled and / or sold by EVS;
  • “Order / s”: any proposed purchase of products submitted by the customer to EVS exclusively via fax, e-mail
  • “Sale / e”: each sales contract between EVS and the customer upon receipt of the customer’s written acceptance of the order by EVS;
  • “Marks”: all brands of which EVS owns or licenses;
  • “Intellectual Property Rights” means all intellectual property rights and industrial EVS, including, without limitation, the rights relating to patents for inventions, designs, utility models, trademarks, know-how , technical specifications, data, those rights have been registered or not, and any application or registration relating to these rights and any other right or form of protection of a similar nature or having equivalent effect.

2) Purposes

2.1) These conditions of sale apply to all sales of products. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions set forth in these terms of sale and the conditions and terms agreed in the individual sale, the latter shall prevail. EVS will not be bound by general conditions of purchase of the customer (hereinafter “CGA”), even in the event that you face them, or reference are contained in the orders or any other swl customer provenance documentation, without the prior written consent of EVS. The CGA will not be binding on either EVS for acquiescence effect.

2.2) EVS reserves the right to add, modify or delete any provision of these terms of sale, provided that such additions, modifications or cancellations will apply to all sales made from the thirteenth day following the notification to the customer of the new sales conditions.

3) Orders and Sales

3.1 The customer must notify EVS specific Orders that contain the product description, the required amount, the price and the terms for delivery.

3.2 The sale will be deemed complete (i) when the customer receives by EVS written confirmation (this confirmation can be sent via e-mail, fax or electronic means) according to the terms and conditions of the order (ii ) or, in the event that the customer receives by EVS written confirmation containing terms that differ from those contained in the order, after two rounds of working the confirmation receipt containing differing terms without the said period written notification is received by EVS by the customer; (Iii) or, in the absence of written confirmation by EVS, at the moment when the products will be delivered to the customer.

3.3 The orders regularly accepted by EVS can not be canceled by the customer without the written consent of EVS.

4) Product Price

4.1 Product prices are those mentioned in the price list of EVS in force at the time the order by the customer or, if the product is not included in the price list or the price list does not know those indicated in the order available and confirmed in writing by EVS at the time of the order. Except as otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the above prices are calculated ex works, excluding VAT and discounts. These prices do not include the costs of packaging, shipping and transportation from local EVS to those of the customer. These costs should be borne separately by the customer.

4.2 EVS will retain ownership of the products until the complete payment of the price of the same. The customer must carry out all formalities required by local laws in order to make valid and enforceable against all third this reservation clause of the inscription also operating properties in each special register, where locally required.

4.3 EVS reserves the right to modify unilaterally, without notice and with immediate effect, the prices shown in the price list in cases where the adjustment is due to circumstances which are outside the control of EVS (but not limited to: an increase in the the price of raw materials and labor costs or changes in exchange rates). In all other cases, the change will be communicated to the customer and will affect all the orders received by EVS from the thirtieth day following the date on which the changes were notified to the customer.

5) Delivery terms

5.1 Except as may be otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, EVS will deliver the ex-factory products at its plants, as that term is defined negii INCOTERMS 2010 published by the International Chamber of Commerce in their latest version in force at the time of delivery. If required, EVS will handle the transport of dangerous products, cost and expense of the customer.

5.2 Delivery shall be made within the period specified in the order as agreed in the order confirmation, if the time limit has been specified in the order, within 60 days from the first working day following the confirmation of the individual order. The delivery times are approximate and are not essential terms pursuant to art. 1457 of the Civil Code, however, does not include transportation time.

5.3 Except as provided for in art. 5.2. EVS will not be held liable for delays or failure to deliver attributable to circumstances which are beyond its control, such as by way of example and without limitation:

a) technical data inadequate or inaccuracies or delays in the transmission of the Customer to EVS of information or data necessary for the shipment of the products;

b) diffcoltà in obtaining supplies of raw materials;

c) production-related problems or to order planning;

d) parzali or total strikes, lack electricity gods, natural disasters, measures imposed by public authorities, difficulties in transportation, acts of God, riots, terrosristici attacks and all other acts of God;

e) delays by the shipping company.

5.4 The occurrence of some of the events listed above will not be entitled to Cliene to claim compensation for any damages or compensation of any kind.
6) Transport

6.1 Except as may be otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the transport will always be done at the expense and risk of the customer. In the event that in EVS, in accordance with article 5.1, may be required to deal with the transport of the products, EVS will choose the means of transport that it deems most appropriate in the absence of specific instructions from the customer.

7) Payments

7.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, EVS, at its discretion, issue invoices at the time of the order or the delivery of products.

7.2 Payments must be made in Euros and within the period of 30 days from the last day of the month in which the invoice was issued.

7.3 Failure to pay the agreed time will be entitled to
EVS to ask the customer to pay the interest due at the rate established by Legislative Decree no. 231/02.

7.4 Non-payment or delay in payment exceeding 30 days will give EVS is entitled to suspend the delivery of the products and solve each signed Sale. The suspension of the delivery of products or the resolution of Sales will not entitle the Customer to claim any damages.

7.5 Any claim relating to the products and / or delivery of the same shall in no case giustifare the suspension or delay in payment.

8) Non-compliance

8.1 Any non-conformity of products delivered to the customer with respect to the type and quantity indicated nell’ordien must be reported in writing to EVS within five days from the delivery date. Where a complaint is not made within the said period, the products delivered will be deemed to comply with those ordered by the customer.

9) Warranty

9.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, EVS ensures that the products are free from defects / faults (with the exception of those parts of the products that are not produced by EVS) for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the same to the Customer .

9.2 The warranty does not operate with respect to those products whose defects are due to (i) any damage caused during transport; (Ii) a negligent or improper use thereof; (Iii) non-compliance with the EVS instructions regarding operation, maintenance and preservation of the products; (Iv) repairs or alterations made by the customer or third parties without the prior written permission of EVS.

9.3 Provided that the claim of the customer is covered by the warranty and notified in the terms referred to in this Article, EVS will undertake, at its discretion, to replace or repair each product or parts of this presentiment that defects.

9.4 The Customer must report in writing to EVS, using the EVS Complaints Form available on the EVS website, the presence of defects within 8 days of delivery of products if it is obvious defects, or, within 8 rounds the discovery in the event of faults or hidden defects or are not detectable by a person of average diligence.

9.5 The subject of the complaint products must be immediately posted at the headquarters of the EVS, or anywhere else that the latter will indicate from time to time, costs and expenses borne by the customer unless otherwise agreed by the parties, in order to allow EVS to carry out the necessary checks. The warranty does not cover damage and / or product defects arising from problems caused by, or related to, assembled parts / added by the customer or by the final consumer.

9.6 In any case the customer can not invoke the right to security in favor of EVS if the price of the products has been made under the conditions and within the agreed terms, even it if the failure to pay the price to the conditions and terms agreed to refer to products other than those for which the customer intends to make a warranty.

9.7 EVS not recognize any guarantee that the products conform to the rules and regulations of countries that do not fit or do not belong to the European Union. No other warranty, expressed or implied, such as for example, the guarantee of proper functioning or fitness for a particular purpose, shall be granted by reference to the products.

9.8 Without prejudice to what is stated in Art. 9.3 and except in case of fraud or gross negligence, EVS not be liable for any damages incurred and / connected to the vices of the products. In any case, EVS shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages of any kind, such as, for example, losses resulting from inactivity of the Customer or loss of earnings.

9.9 In the event that an identical defect in a product recourse repeatedly and is due to the same cause during the period of 12 months from the delivery of products to the final customer and in any event no later than 24 months from delivery to the customer, EVS will reimburse, within the limits set forth in art. 9:10, all the direct damage incurred by the customer and appropriately documented in connection with a recall campaign by the defective products trade, and any other additional costs related to the repair and replacement of products, provided that the Customer is reasonably committed to limiting EVS losses he might suffer. The customer will follow the instructions of EVS for the withdrawal from the market of products.

9.10 In any case, the Customer’s right to compensation for damages will be limited to a maximum amount equal to the value of the products that are defective or vices.

10) Intellectual Property Rights

10.1 The right to Intellectual Property are complete and exclusive property of EVS and its communication or use under the present conditions of sale does not create, in relation to them, some right or claim to the Customer. The Customer agrees not to shop any action incompatible with the ownership of intellectual property rights.

10.2 The Customer declares that: (i) the EVS is the exclusive owner of the Marks; (Ii) refrain from using it and to register similar trademarks and / or confusingly similar to the Marks; (Iii) use the Trademarks only in accordance with the instructions of EVS and only for the purposes set out in these Conditions of Sale.

11) Termination clause

11.1 EVS may terminate, pursuant to and by effect of art.1456 of the Italian Civil Code, at any time by written notice to the customer, the single sale in the event of breach of the obligations laid down in Articles 4 (price of products); 7 (Payments); 10 (Intellectual Property Rights).

12) Change in the balance of the Customer conditions

12.1 EVS will be entitled to suspend the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the sale of the products, under Article. 1461 of the Italian Civil Code in the event that the financial circumstances of the customer would become liable to place in jeopardy the achievement of the consideration unless it is given sufficient guarantees.

13) Registered address, governing law and jurisdiction

13.1 EVS is legally domiciled at its headquarters.

13.2 Conditions of Sale and each sale will be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law with exclusion of the Vienna Convention of 1980 on international mobile dibeni sale contracts.

13.3 All disputes arising out of or related to these Terms of Sale and / or any sale will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Sanluri (VS).

13.4 Except as stipulated in art. 13.3 EVS reserves the right, when promoter of a legal action as an actor, to promote such action in the place of residence of the customer, in Italy or abroad.